Being, Becoming, and Belonging: Practical Strategies for Infusing Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Social emotional learning focuses on helping students develop skills essential for working with others, building resiliency, achieving goals, addressing bullying and reducing risky behaviours. Research shows that student receiving quality social-emotional instruction show:

  • Better academic performance – achievement scores were on average 11 percentile points higher than students who did not receive social emotional instruction
  • Improved attitudes and behaviours – Including greater motivation to learn, increased time devoted to schoolwork, better classroom behaviour
  • Fewer episodes of behavioural dysregylation, and,
  • Reduced emotional dysregulation – fewer reports of student depression, anxiety, stress and social withdrawal.

The challenge is how to efficiently and effectively incorporate such learning into the school day. If you are up for this challenge, join us on Wednesday, September 4th from 6pm – 9pm for a fun, engaging, and practical evening where we will discuss the importance of social emotional learning and most importantly bombard you with a variety of engaging, fun, and practical ways to support social emotional learning for all kids in the classroom. Participants who register for the event prior to July 15th will receive a thumb drive of classroom ready resources full of the ideas, strategies, and suggestions presented during the workshop.

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