At OuTcomes, we know your child’s heart is the center of your world, and for that reason our compassionate therapists strive to ensure positive outcomes for every child.

Louise Burridge

Louise’s fun, creative, and warm personality sets the stage for an exciting and welcoming environment for children and families. She strives to make each therapy session individually tailored to the child’s needs and is overjoyed by the gains that children and families make each day.

Louise believes that a critical component to achieving success in occupational therapy is being solution-focused, strength-based, and creative. She enjoys getting to know each child and their families, she strives to maintain a positive and productive rapport with children and youth and she is highly flexible throughout her sessions. This flexibility has enabled her to quickly make adaptations, as needed, to facilitate learning, achievement, and growth for her clients.

With over 18 years experience in community hospitals, school-based practice, Wascana Rehabilitation Center and at the Ministry of Education, Louise possesses a variety of knowledge, skills, and abilities that she readily shares with her families. She has thoroughly enjoyed opportunities to work with infants, young children, teens, and young adults with various needs and abilities. In addition to her clinical work, Louise has participated on the provincial Autism, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and Cognitive Disability Strategy Committees, she has worked collaboratively to develop a provincial approach to assistive technology, fostered opportunities to promote inclusive education, and worked tirelessly to support implementation of self-regulated learning in provincial schools.

Louise graduated with a Bachelors of Science Honours Degree with Distinction from Queen’s University, received her occupational therapy degree at the University of Toronto and graduated with her Masters of Educational Psychology at the University of Regina and is SIPT and SOS Certified.

Originally from Vancouver Island, Louise now calls Regina her home. She enjoys hiking, cooking, and traveling. Louise can be reached via email at

Marlene Yaqub

Marlene’s energetic and creative personality creates a positive environment for children and families to learn, develop, and achieve their goals. Marlene establishes connections with children and families with ease and tailors her occupational therapy sessions to address each child’s needs through utilization of their strengths and interests. Maintaining open communication is one of Marlene’s strengths and priorities. Marlene believes that in order for a child to be successful and reach their goals, all team members must work collaboratively and communicate on an on-going basis.

Marlene goes the extra mile, diligently creating home and school programs and ensuring that the goals are meaningful, purposeful, and realistic. Through implementation of play-based therapy and a multimodal approach, Marlene strives for all of her clients to be successful and achieve their desired outcomes.

Marlene attended York University and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts, where she majored in Visual Arts and Psychology. She went on to complete her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Alberta. Marlene has a range of experience, including: providing assessment and support to individuals transitioning to the community from an acute medical and psychiatric setting, to working in education providing school-based services to a diverse group of children and youth with a range of abilities. Marlene has been volunteering and working in the human services sector with individuals across the life-span since 2006 and is pleased to continue this journey as an occupational therapist at OuTcomes Therapy. Having traveled, lived and worked in many communities across Canada, Marlene has recently married and is delighted to now call Regina home. Marlene can be reached via email at