Consultative Services:

Do you have a question for an occupational therapist (OT)? Are you simply seeking understanding and guidance? Consultative services may be just what you need. At OuTcomes Therapy, a consultation is an in-person or virtual conversation with an occupational therapist in order to access advice and direction regarding an issue.

For this service, you will be asked to complete our intake documentation and will be asked specifically what your desired outcomes for the consultation with you.

Following the consultation, the occupational therapist will write up a brief summary of the key recommendations and provide some resources (if applicable) to help you.

The cost of a consultation is $150.00. If you have benefits that cover occupational therapy, some or all of this cost may be covered.

Sample consultative questions:

• “My child is struggling in the classroom. How can I help?”

• “My child is having difficulties learning to use the toilet independently. Can you help?”

• “My child is such a picky eater, what I can I do?”

• “My child is struggling with sleep. He has difficulty falling asleep and staying sleep.”

• “I am a teacher and I need help with my class!” Can you help?

• “My child is struggling with printing and the teacher says that I should access OT?”

• “I need help communicating with the school, can you help?”



When looking for occupational therapy services, it is important to find a good fit for the whole family. At OuTcomes Therapy we begin by listening to your goals and concerns. Following this initial step, our relationship with your child begins with an assessment. This allows us to obtain a full understanding of your child’s current skills, abilities and strengths.

Our comprehensive assessment involves multiple standardized assessments when applicable, clinical observation, parent/caregiver interviews, and a written report.

The assessment report includes interpretation and explanation of all results and clinical observations, as well as a list of practical recommendations and resources for home and school. We pride ourselves on comprehensive caregiver education to ensure your child’s needs will be met long after you have moved on from our services.


Responsive Blocks of Therapy:

Following your child’s assessment and delineation of a plan to help you and your child achieve their goals, therapy sessions specific to your child’s interests, strengths and abilities are developed. Therapy is blocked into 8 sessions to optimize our accountability to your family and ensure progress. At the end of the 8 sessions, we will review our progress and determine next steps.

Each OT session is 50 minutes of 1:1 therapy, 5-10 minutes of parent education, and 5 minutes to document the session. Sessions are booked for 1 hour.


Caregiver Education & Coaching:

Caregiver education takes place during each session, however we also provide regular meetings for parents who are looking for more information and coaching. Scheduled meetings can take place in-person, over the phone, and via technology. These meetings can be helpful for those looking for additional resources and home strategies to try with their child in between OT sessions.

It should also be noted that we have an ever-growing series of educational videos that we may send to families who are enrolled in a block of therapy. These free resources can be very helpful in understanding the “why” of therapy.

Unsure which option is best for your child? Contact us and we will work with you to meet your needs!


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