OuTcomes Therapy provides high quality, evidence-based, cost-effective therapy solutions. We will staff occupational therapists, in such settings as early learning environments, schools, group homes, rehabilitation facilities, urban, rural and remote communities, or other settings on a contract basis. We can also provide consultation or staff education as needed.

Our contracted services can help you to:

    • Provide education and support to your staff in the area of fostering independence with daily living skills, managing behavior, using assistive technology;
    • Provide occupational therapy assessment and intervention to your clientele or communities when you are unable to provide a permanent staff member;
    • Develop a sensory space in your environment;
    • Ensure accessibility within workplace, group home, community building; and/or,
    • Support your staff through team consultation and/or plan development.

Our highly skilled occupational therapists will team with you to meet your desired outcomes. Let us partner with you. All of our therapists are qualified and experienced with the proper credentials so we can quickly fill your staffing requirements. We also have the capability to use technology to address geographical challenges.