We provide consultative services within homes, schools, early learning environments, and within the community.

Let us Help you Design your Sensory Room

An ideal sensory room is flexible. Not only does it provide a comfortable, tranquil space for children, youth or adults to self-regulate, but designed appropriately, it can also offer children space to move, socialize and engage in activity.

We have successfully developed sensory rooms in schools, homes, childcare settings, group homes, and hospitals. We would be happy to assist you in developing your space. To start, all we need is for you to:

  • Tell us about your clients, your facility, and the goals you have sensory room;
  • Provide us with pictures and measurements of your floor space;
  • Share information on your budget; and,
  • We will provide you will a customized proposal to meet your needs.

If you are at a distance from Regina, this can be developed using our web-based technologies.



Occupational therapy for children with additional needs can lead to improvements in independence, communication, quality of life and safety.

Our OTs ensure that the recommendations we make are practical and achievable for each family. Whether we are looking at enhancing accessibility at home or in the community, introducing environmental controls, addressing seating and positioning needs, accessing adapted vehicles or accessible playgrounds, exploring home modifications or supporting safety during moving & handling in the community, our occupational therapists aim to promote independence in all areas of daily life.



Over the past 15 years, we have learned that students benefit from classroom environments that have neutral colours and reduced stimulation. If you would like assistance in making this transition to a more neutral classroom environment, would like assistance in developing routines to foster independence, and/or would like introduce flexible seating into the classroom, we can help. Consultations can be facilitated in person, or, if you are outside Regina, we can connect via web-based technologies.

Inclusion and Intervention Planning

The documentation required to support student learning and achievement can be overwhelming. The occupational therapists here at OuTcomes Therapy have a plethora of experience development inclusion and intervention plans, setting priorities and goals with families, and responding to school and classroom wide assessments. If you would like assistance in responding to student assessments, setting meaningful goals and completing required paperwork, contact us. With a combination of over 25 years experience, we would be happy to help.

Toy/Space Makeovers

Are you overwhelmed by toys in your home? Does your child drift from toy to toy and struggle to sustain his/her focus on an activity? Is your environment child-friendly and accessible? A toy/space makeover may be just what you need to support your child’s learning and development, and ensure that you are raising your child in line with your values. Contact us today to learn more as to how we can help you and your child access high quality play experiences in a child-friendly environment.

Educational Advocacy

Navigating the educational system, interpreting legislation and knowing one’s rights can be challenging. With experience working in schools, at the division level and with the Ministry of Education, we can assist you in knowing diverse roles and responsibilities, understanding your child’s rights, and gaining an understanding of how to effectively communicate your needs.