Top 12 Occupational Therapy Strategies to Help Teens Get Organized in Middle and High School

It’s blog day! Last week our blog focused on strategies to support young children in Kindergarten and Grade 1. This week we fly through elementary school and focus a big topic for parents and teachers alike – Supporting Teenagers’ Organizational Skills at School. As an occupational therapist working in school, I often received referrals for kids who had messy desks, bursting backpacks, frequently lost assignments, increased anxiety as they didn’t know how to break down an assignment, and frequent trips back to their locker to access needed supplies.

Commonly, organizational difficulties are a result of difficulties with planning and prioritizing. The good news is that there are many ways that a student can overcome disorganization and flourish in schools. Please find 12 key strategies in this blog post. If you know of a teenager who would benefit from these strategies, please share. It should be noted that these are general strategies. Occupational therapy recommendations should be individualized based on the unique strengths and needs of each child and family.

If you have a specific question about ways to enhance your child’s organizational skills, please do not hesitate to contact

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