Move to Learn Monday: Word Spots

It’s Move to Learn Monday! Today’s strategy literally encourages you to PUT DOWN those flashcards…..put them on the floor that is. While you can use any flashcard in combination with a movement card, the sample provided below are Word Spots from Clever Classroom. I love these cards as they encourage children to read the word and complete an action. If you are using them as a centre, they can be placed on the floor and children can read a word, complete the action, and move to the next card. When I have worked with teachers, we have also used them as line up spots and before the children leave the classroom, each child reads a word and completes the action. We have also used them in gym, scattered them around the gym and played a game similar to musical chairs. Children move around the room, when the music stops, they find a spot, read the word and complete the action. Fun for all! If you work with older children, have the children work in pairs, read and define the term, and complete the action.

We hope that you enjoy this move to learn strategy as if you move while you learn – there is no need for a separate movement break.

If you have a similar idea that you use in your classroom, please share below. It would be wonderful to have a list of similar activities that get kids learning and moving. Have a great day, everyone!

The link to access the Word Spots is Please note that OuTcomes Therapy receives nothing from the Clever Classroom for promoting this strategy – we simply like the cards and wish to share.

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