Toy Talk Thursday: Boom Blast Stix

It’s Toy Talk Thursday! Today we are highlighting one of my absolute favourite games to play with the 6-12 year old crowd. To play the game, you twist a boom blast stick, lock it and place it on the pile. Eventually, one of the sticks with come lose setting the whole off into a explosion! It is awesome! Seriously be prepared for the stix to fly around the room. For me, I love to play the game as an ice breaker. It allows me to screen for dominance, bilateral motor skills, fine motor skills, gradation, explore how kids respond to anticipation and anxiety (for some), and see how they do with turn taking and conversational skills. Specifically, as I am getting to know them and they are getting to know me – we take turns asking and responding to questions. With each response, they can place a stick….if they dare…on the pile. Truly a fantastic game. As an OT, I love it. What is your favourite ice breaker game to play with children

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