Our Favourite Things: For Expressing Worries

It’s Cyber Monday! To celebrate and help parents, caregivers, and family members with Christmas Shopping we will be posting some of favourite toys, games, and equipment that we use and love at OuTcomes Therapy. Our chosen items are not only fun and engaging but they also invite skill development. A win-win for all!

A common reason for families to access OT is to address anxiety that is interrupting a child’s ability to complete daily activities. Prior to accessing some tools for calming, we work with the family to assess information on the child’s worries. Some strategies that we use to learn about a child’s worries are:

1. Worry Eaters – They hold onto a child’s worries so that they don’t have to. Children would draw or write a worry on paper and give it to the Worry Eaters. For further information, please click here: http://amzn.to/2iXQqhm

2. Reading the book, the “What If Monster” by Jonathan James. This is a wonderful book speaking about children’s worries and how to overcome them. To learn more, click: http://amzn.to/2AbjfAL

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