Flipping the Switch: Optimizing Executive Functioning Skills in Children & Youth

Does your child or youth:

• Have difficulties following directions?
• Seem to lose everything and forget to bring important items home?
• Get distracted easily?
• Have a knack of focusing on the least important thing that you said?
• Mix up assignments, have difficulties getting homework done or when it is completed, forget to hand it in?
• Panic when rules or routines are challenged?
• Keep using the same approach even when it is not working for them?
• Have a hard time breaking a bigger assignment into smaller, do-able pieces and seem to complete the least important pieces first.
• Seem unaware of the passage of time and how to organize oneself?
• Have difficulties problem solving?
• Get frustrated easily?

These tasks all require executive functioning. It is called executive functioning as the researchers in the area often use an analogy of a little executive (CE0) in the brain paying attention, organizing, and directing tasks to be completed- much like a CEO in a company to explain the skill set.
For families, executive functioning issues are tough. It is challenging to watch some of the most dedicated and caring parents and the best teachers break down as they try to make sense of what’s going on with kids who struggle with such tasks as impulse control, organization, planning and problem solving and time management. It’s so easy to mistakenly see a child with executive functioning issues as careless, confused, lazy or rude.

The good news is that help is available. The key is to understand executive functioning challenges and then consistently implement practical, somewhat simple strategies that can meet changing needs over time.
The purpose of this online parent group is to provide information about executive functioning, review practical, evidence-based strategies that can be readily implement into daily activities, work with parents to set specific goals and plans for their child, and work collaboratively to implement plans and achieve desired outcomes.

Week 1: What is executive functioning? Part 1
Week 2: What is executive functioning? Part 2
Week 3: Setting Goals and Establishing a Plan for your Child’s Unique Needs (Individual Session)
Week 4: Reviewing goals and plans to ensure success

When: Group Sessions: Mondays: February 25th, March 4th & March 25th
Individual Sessions: Week of March 11th – Scheduled Individually
Where: Online using Zoom Technology
Who: Parents/Caregivers of Children and Youth Experiencing Challenges with Executive Functioning. Maximum of 6 Parents.
Cost: $250.00 per family. For further information and/or to register, please email: louise@outcomestherapy.com

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