Self-care Bingo for Educators

Yahoo! The summer holidays are here. Reports cards are in, the classroom is cleaned, it is now time to enjoy the sun and rejuvenate after a successful and sometimes stressful school year! And while educators are exceptional at instructing and assessing students, as an OT working in the schools for a number of years, I have noticed that it can be incredibly challenging for educators to take time to take care of themselves. They stay late, arrive early, and often take work home. With such a busy schedule, it can be challenging to prioritize activities support self-care during the school year.

For many educators, it is thought that the high stress and busy lifestyle is just part of the job. It truly isn’t possible to be a “good teacher” and take care of yourself. Instead self-care is saved to cram into the breaks and summer holidays.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s say that again for people the in the back….the good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way. And I get it…change is not easy. Here are 4 steps to help make the change: (and don’t think I won’t be implementing these this summer, as well):

1. Think of your body like a bank account and your energy as your currency. You have to make deposits in order to spend, you should pay yourself first, and it is always good to have a budget so that the necessities are taking care of.

2. Streamline your schedule by doing fewer things better.

3. Pair a self-care routine with a habit. Wake up and drink water; park far from the grocery store and walk in; Get in the car and automatically play your favourite songs.

4. Strive to make one new habit that prioritizes you this summer.

To help, see if you can complete the attached Self-Care Bingo Card for Educators. Share it with your friends and see how many you can complete together. Make note of how you feel when you complete one of these tasks – don’t you want to feel this way more often?

For those that are interested, if you complete any of the tasks and send us a picture of the self-care activity to, you will be entered to win a free ticket to our Being, Becoming, and Belonging Workshop either in Yorkton, Regina and Saskatoon this fall.

Happy Summer everyone! Please take time to enjoy and nurture you!

Download the Self-Care Bingo Card here:

1 thoughts on “Self-care Bingo for Educators

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    Candide Dickson says:

    I love the comment about our body is like a bank account. It is a good acknowledgment we forget to fuel ourselves very often. I need to listen to my body more often.

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