Day 16: Breathe

Sixteen days ago we started these daily posts to help children, families, and educators prepare for their return to school during this uncertain year.

We know people are anxious. We anticipate that the transition back to school is going to be stressful.

We also know that there are gifted educators across this province that care deeply for our children and that they are working diligently to keep them safe.

So on this last day of new content…our advice is simple…we simply want to encourage everyone to breathe.

It is actually interesting to note that when you take a deep breath in, you heart actually quickens slightly. Then, when you exhale, your heart rate slows.

The magic is in the exhale.

Repeated deep breaths naturally bring your heart rate in sync with your breath. This, in turn leads your brain to release endorphins…which are the chemicals that calm you.

And…our guess is that we can all use a few more of those endorphins right now.

The following post provides 12 of our favourite ways to breathe.

We sincerely hope that you take a moment and enjoy a few magical deep breaths before you start your day.

As always, we would also like to invite you to share your favourite ways to take a deep breath. Please do not hesitate to share in the comments section below.

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