Shifting Thinking: Helping Children Develop Executive Functioning Skills

Do you find yourself repeating requests over and over again in a desperate attempt to get your child to get ready for school, to clean their room, or to start their homework?

Do your children wait for you to “lose it” before they do what you ask?

Is your child chronically disorganized, messy or just seems to lose everything?

Does your child struggle to pay attention, procrastinate starting a task, and seem to need your help with routine tasks?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your child may be having difficulties with executive functioning skills.

The good news is help is available. Understanding the development of executive functioning is a key first step to helping your child succeed and gain independence.

Executive functioning skills are a group of skills that help children manage their thoughts, actions and emotions in order to get things done. They are responsible for paying attention, getting organized, initiating tasks and staying focused on them, managing time, regulating emotions, managing impulses, and self-monitoring one’s actions and behaviours.

When children have difficulty with these tasks, they are often late, unprepared, lost, stressed, and struggle to complete assigned tasks.

Join us for two evening sessions (Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 7pm – 8:30pm & Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 7pm – 8:30pm) where will learn about these important set of skills and gain a better understanding of practical, easy to implement strategies that will help you and your child get things done.

In addition to the educational sessions, a private Facebook Page will be created to share resources, ask questions, and support each other’s learning.

Please note that the costs of this workshop would be eligible for coverage if you have benefits that include occupational therapy services.

To register and access your tickets, simply click on the link:

Who: Parents, Caregivers Educators, and Therapists

When: Wednesday, October 7th & Wednesday, October 14th

Where: Online via Zoom

Cost: $75/Person. Costs include ready to use materials and handouts.

For further information, email louise@outcomestherapy. To register, click on the link in the description above.

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