Day 2: Tips for Helping Children Wear Face Masks

There are many noticeable changes as we adjust to life with COVID-19. One such change is increased use of face masks or facial coverings.

Wearing a mask is important and will help us stop the spread of COVID-19. It is important to note that masks are only for children over two years of age.

Your child may not want to wear a mask and/or have a hard time keeping it one. Mask wearing can be especially challenging for children living with sensory processing differences. Such children may be more sensitive to the way the mask feels on their face, head, and ears. Some children may feel panicked when a mask is put on them. Other kids won’t like the way the mask looks on themselves or others and might feel scared. And still other children are resistant simply because it is different and doing something that is different is hard for them.

Let’s strive to be patient and kind as we help all children, families and community members adjust to this change.

The following tips offer some strategies and supports for children in our community. If following review of the tips, you have additional ideas that have worked for you, please comment and share. Your ideas may just be the answer for another child and family.

In the post, I mention some additional resources:

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