Day 3: Back to School Checklists

Back to School Guide for Families

The back-to-school season is a busy time of year. Schedules change. Supply lists are received and all sorts of forms arrive that need to be filled out. This is a typical year. Add a pandemic year and we have many new procedures, processes, and expectations to stay on top of.

To help cope, many of us create lists.

Why are checklists so powerful?

Our busy lives are full of distractions. This can make it easy to forget to do certain tasks or it can lead to wasted time trying to remember how to complete a specific activity.

When you have lots on your mind or are rushing to complete something, it is easy to forget small but important steps. This is where checklists can be valuable to help you get things done.

In this post, we have included two key checklists. Our aim for the first checklist is to help you make sure that both you and your child start the year off right.

The second checklist (located at the end) is a mental health checklist for children. This important checklist allows you to monitor your child’s behaviour and ensure that you are accessing supports and services in a responsive manner.

If you are concerned about your child….please reach out and talk to your child’s primary healthcare provider (Doctor or Nurse), call the Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) or speak with your child’s school. Help is literally a phone call away.

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