Day 13: Smooth Transitions

While we have been out of school for months, it still feels as though summer holidays are coming to an end far too quickly.

Before we know it, school busses will be zooming through our neighbourhoods and children with backpacks will be bouncing into our neighbourhood schools.

In a typical year, the back to school season can be stressful for many children. Enter COVID-19, and anxiety levels are through the roof.

While we won’t reduce all of our worries, taking a few concrete steps to familiarize your child to his or her new situation can be extraordinarily helpful.

Below are 15 steps that strive to make this 2020 transition to school as smooth as possible.

If you have additional tips that you think would be helpful for families, please share in the comments section below. The more ideas that we can use to help our children and families, the better.

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