Day 12: Intentional Creativity

Do you find yourself craving a little creativity in your life? Turns out tapping into that creative energy improves your overall health.

It might sound too good to be true, but simply engaging in creative behaviours has been shown to improve brain function, enhance mental health, and optimize physical health.

How can you get started?

Although families have hectic lives, there are a myriad of ways to bring the creative process into everyday activities in order to get your kids to flex their creative muscles and think outside the box. Being silly and playful with with your children is a great start, but actually producing something is even better. This is because the process of bringing an idea from inspiration to production is where that can really begin to see the creative process work.

When you create with your kids and model inventiveness, you inspire them to do then same. Maybe it is developing a new recipe for scrambled eggs in the morning or a new sandwich at lunch. Perhaps it is writing a short story about the day. Anything that gets your family’s imagination going can inspire your children to think about the world in a novel and different way.

So start today….put down that device, grab a pen and start writing, doodling, or colouring. Get your hands dirty with pottery or gardening. Listen to some music or pick-up an instrument. Whatever you decide to do, it is time to focus on your mental health and start getting creative.

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