Monthly Archives: October 2017

Move to Learn Monday: Tag Bags

It’s Move to Learn Monday! This week, we are highlighting tag bags from Handwriting Without Tears ( Tag bags are a great way to support a child’s ability to manage fasteners (buttons, snaps, velcro, loops, and hooks) and reinforce their learning of basic skills (colours, patterning, numbers). In the clinic, we use our tag bags […]

Move to Learn Monday: Road Letters

What makes Mondays better? Move to Learn Mondays, of course! Today we are focusing on a key strategy to support children’s awareness of letters and their ability to learn to print. They key strategy – follow their interests! As we know, every child is unique. Some children from a very young age, demonstrate a love […]

Toy Talk Thursday: Shifty Eyed Spies

On this Toy Talk Thursday, we focus on a game for older children and adults that is not only fun to play – but also works on observational skills, social thinking skills, and non-verbal covert communication skills. It is awesome. In order to play, you need to be a keen observer of other players in […]

Move to Learn Monday: Simple Flashcard Hack

As an occupational therapist, I am always looking for ways to combine movement and learning. Learning should be fun. As children are learning to read, a fun activity is to place flashcards on bowling pins and have the child read the word, aim, and fire. To play, kids can read a word and aim for […]