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Top 10 OT Recommended Tips for Coping with Back to School Anxiety

After New Year’s Day, many children and adults start to countdown the return to school and work. For many individuals, this results in escalating anxiety. Such anxious feelings are normal & expected as children & teens return to school. However, for some children and youth, the transition can be stressful & disruptive for the entire […]

Our Favourite Things: for Visual Spatial Skills

It’s Cyber Monday! To celebrate and help parents, caregivers and family members with Christmas Shopping we will be posting some of favourite toys, games, and equipment that we use and love at OuTcomes Therapy. Our chosen items are not only fun and engaging but they also invite skill development. A win-win for all! Visual spatial […]

Speak Up! November 16, 2017 – Regina, SK

The Saskatchewan Association for Community Living (SACL) is proud to present: Speak Up! Become an Effective Advocate for Children and Youth. This workshop is facilitated by Elaine Caswell and Louise Burridge and is targeted for families with children still in school. You are your child’s advocate. In this informative workshop, gain a better understanding of […]

Toy Talk Thursday: Shifty Eyed Spies

On this Toy Talk Thursday, we focus on a game for older children and adults that is not only fun to play – but also works on observational skills, social thinking skills, and non-verbal covert communication skills. It is awesome. In order to play, you need to be a keen observer of other players in […]

Toy Talk Thursday: Boom Blast Stix

It’s Toy Talk Thursday! Today we are highlighting one of my absolute favourite games to play with the 6-12 year old crowd. To play the game, you twist a boom blast stick, lock it and place it on the pile. Eventually, one of the sticks with come lose setting the whole off into a explosion! […]

Toy Talk Thursday: Poppers

It’s Toy Talk Thursday! This week we are talking poppers. Poppers are wonderful toys that can be used to strengthen hands, develop hand-eye coordination and support cause and effect play (the Sock Monkey and Penguin Poppers may be seen in the pictures below). Children love squeezing the stomachs of the various characters and watching the […]

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