An Educator’s Guide to Neurodiversity

It is imperative for educators to be aware of the neurodiversity movement in order to better support all human rights. This course discusses what neurodiversity is, the history of the movement, and provides information for educators to adopt neurodiversity-affirming practices.

TEAM Digital Resources for Educational Assistants

What does a great Educational Assistant in Saskatchewan need to know and do? You’ll find real-world answers in this practical guide to surviving and thriving as an integral part of your school’s inclusive team. You’ll get immediately applicable strategies for mastering every facet of your complex role: collaborating with other team members, understanding accommodations and modifications, facilitating peer connections, fading your support, all while maintaining your own health and avoiding burnout.

Supporting Student Advocacy – A Step-by-Step Approach

Self-advocacy is the ability to speak up for yourself and your rights. All students benefit from learning self-advocacy skills. The goal of this workshop is to guide school staff on how to help students develop self-advocacy skills to live a more independent life at school, home, and in the workplace.

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