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11 Awesome Advent Calendars for Families

Counting down the days until Christmas is an exciting tradition, especially if there are young children around. The lead up to Christmas is such a joyous time for little ones and an advent calendar always makes anticipation and excitement grow. Now, I have to say, there are exponentially more options in the advent calendar market […]

Move to Learn Monday: Catch a Falling Star

It’s Move to Learn, Monday! Today, I am sharing one of my favourite books, How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers. Why is it a favourite you ask? It is a favourite as it allows me to do two great things with kids – 1) move and 2) foster a growth mindset. The term […]

12 Occupational Therapy Recommendations to Help with Bedtime & Sleep

It’s World Sleep Day! Do you know that 1 in 4 Canadian children are not getting enough sleep at night? Not only does this lack of sleep make parents crazy, but it also profoundly impacts children’s mental and physical health, their learning and achievement, and their overall well-being. To help, we are bringing back one […]

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