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Self-care Bingo for Educators

Yahoo! The summer holidays are here. Reports cards are in, the classroom is cleaned, it is now time to enjoy the sun and rejuvenate after a successful and sometimes stressful school year! And while educators are exceptional at instructing and assessing students, as an OT working in the schools for a number of years, I […]

Adulting 101 – Yorkton

This program endeavors to explore and demystify the obscure reality of being an “adult.” We want to give young adults, the skills, knowledge, and confidence to stay healthy and well, understand how to pay bills and budget, the process of accessing a place to live and set up a home, how to manage your time, […]

Minecraft Social Skills Group – Yorkton Edition

Following Raelene Dundon’s Curriculum, this engaging group program uses motivation and game-playing talents to teach social skills. By discovering new worlds within Minecraft, participants explore and aquire the social abilities needed to make and sustain friendships. The group will meet from 1pm – 3pm on five Saturdays – July 13th, 20th, 27th, August 10th and […]

Jedi Training – Yorkton Edition

May the force be with you! Join us for an active, fun, and engaging sensory processing and self-regulatory skills group where we will help children learn about the “force” within them and how to work collaboratively to develop the skills required of young Jedis. Skills such as focus, attention, initiation, and emotional self-regulation, The group […]

Leap Into Literacy – Yorkton

Join us for this fun and engaging small group for 4-6 year olds designed to foster the development of children’s fine and gross motor skills. Groups will be held from 9am – 10:15am on Saturdays: July 13th, 20th, 27th, and August 10th and 17th. Cost: $175 for 5 sessions. For further information and to register, […]

A Millenial is Coming!

We hope this image got your attention! OuTcomes Therapy is excited to announce that a Sasha Youzwa, a graduate student of occupational therapy at the University of Alberta, will be coming to OuTcomes Therapy for one of her final placements. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome her as Millenials are not only smart, this millennial also brings […]

Being, Becoming, and Belonging: Practical Strategies for Infusing Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Social emotional learning focuses on helping students develop skills essential for working with others, building resiliency, achieving goals, addressing bullying and reducing risky behaviours. Research shows that student receiving quality social-emotional instruction show: Better academic performance – achievement scores were on average 11 percentile points higher than students who did not receive social emotional instruction […]

Relax Kids Monday

Created by Marneta Viegas, Relax Kids is a fun, engaging small group that offers support to children and their families. Using its unique approach, Relax Kids uses movement, games, stretching, breathing, peer massage, positive affirmations and visualizations, to help develop your child’s concentration, self-esteem and confidence, as well as improving their peer relationships and social […]

Relax Kids: Confidence Bootcamp

Here at OuTcomes Therapy we are so excited to announce that we offering Relax Kids Classes this summer! Relax Kids is a British program that systematically teaches children and youth 7 steps to relax their bodies using different themes and interests. To start, we will be offering 4 Drop In/Taster Classes for Girls ages 7-10 years of […]