Monthly Archives: September 2017

Move to Learn Monday: 19 Fall Movements

It’s Move to Learn Monday! This week we are enjoying the transition to fall. To celebrate, I thought it might be fun to outline 19 Fall Movement Activities for Kids (of all ages). I now have two questions for you: 1. Which of the activities pictured below do you plan to do this fall? 2. […]

Toy Talk Thursday: Boom Blast Stix

It’s Toy Talk Thursday! Today we are highlighting one of my absolute favourite games to play with the 6-12 year old crowd. To play the game, you twist a boom blast stick, lock it and place it on the pile. Eventually, one of the sticks with come lose setting the whole off into a explosion! […]

Move to Learn Monday: Forget Fidgets

It’s Move to Learn Monday. Over the past few months, there has been literally a firestorm of discussions regarding fidgets. I have also been amazed as when people find out that I am an occupational therapist, one of the first questions they ask me is what I think about fidgets (and specifically what I think […]

Toy Talk Thursday: Poppers

It’s Toy Talk Thursday! This week we are talking poppers. Poppers are wonderful toys that can be used to strengthen hands, develop hand-eye coordination and support cause and effect play (the Sock Monkey and Penguin Poppers may be seen in the pictures below). Children love squeezing the stomachs of the various characters and watching the […]

Move to Learn Monday: Word Spots

It’s Move to Learn Monday! Today’s strategy literally encourages you to PUT DOWN those flashcards…..put them on the floor that is. While you can use any flashcard in combination with a movement card, the sample provided below are Word Spots from Clever Classroom. I love these cards as they encourage children to read the word […]

Toy Talk Thursday: Monster Ties

It’s our first Toy Talk Thursday! As announced last weekend, each Thursday OuTcomes Therapy will be highlighting a new toy, demonstrating a toy hack, or sharing new ways to use common toys/household items to support children’s learning and development. This week we are highlighting monster ties – yes – these are actually bag ties that you buy […]

Move to Learn Monday: Stick and Stone

It’s Move to Learn Monday! As announced yesterday, OuTcomes Therapy will be highlighting a different way to infuse movement into the classroom each Monday. It is exciting as research shows that movement is key to self-regulation and supports learning and achievement for all – not only kids. We are all healthier and more productive when we move. […]